Cultural Talks

Historic Jeddah: From a Walled City to a World Heritage Site

Lecturer Dr.Mohamed Bagader

Lecture brief The graph of the preservation of the importance of the city of Jeddah, as there was a loss in the graph of the registration in the graph, and this is the most important thing in the graph in the city's cultural heritage, as of the date of registration in the city, the registration

When? Sunday 17/4/2022 10:00 pm

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Historic Jeddah between preservation of buildings and revival

Lecturer Eng. amr darwish

Lecture brief The lecture aims to clarify the stages that have passed through (historic) Jeddah since it was a city within its walls like other cities until the present day, and the challenges of preserving and reviving it

When? Tuesday 19/4/2022 10:00 pm

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Documentation and development of the site of the Prophet

Lecturer Dr.Ahmad A.algilani

Lecture brief The lecture will cover the experience of studying the site of the Prophet's Biography, the methodology of the study, and the proposals of the province. With the example of some sites such as: Asfan, Wadi Al-Fara', Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, student projects that I supervised in the Environmental Planning Studio - Department of Environmental Architecture, College of Environmental Design. Jeddah

When? Wednesday 20/4/2022 10:00 pm

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Human Architecture

Lecturer Dr. Sami Angawi

Lecture brief How was the architecture and urbanism? Its composition, components, elements, and vocabulary are an expression, outwardly and inwardly, of the human being it contains. socially, culturally and environmentally

When? Thursday 21/4/2022 10:00 pm

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